"Camille has a great eye for capturing still shots while chaos is happening around her. 
Her photography captures moments in time and makes them look so special. 
I personally don’t like to be photographed but I would never say no to Camille, she is that talented."
Donovan Locke
Donovan Locke at the Cameron House
Michael Eckert and Matthew Coldwell in Doghouse Orchestra at the Jazz Bistro
Angie Hilts for Let Us Be Frank Ent at Lula Lounge
Anais Kelsey-Verdecchia, Conrad Gluch, Jeremy Worden, Matt Smith in Big Smoke Brass Band at Drom Taberna
Lady Son at Drom Taberna
Misha Artebyakin at The Cameron House
Joanna Majoko at the Jazz Bistro
Rudy Ray at La Palette
Brian O'Kane at the Jazz Bistro
Anais Kelsey-Verdecchia, Ilinca Stafie in Trash Panda Brass at Drom Taberna
Aline Morales in Kune at Drom Taberna
Kyle Pogline & Luan Phung in Ocean Bomb at Drom Taberna
Marty Morin in the Tom Waits Appreciation Congregation at Castro's Lounge
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