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Born in Belgium, I am a bilingual individual who’s been active for many years in various non-profit musical organizations in Brussels, and found a new nest in Toronto in October 2020 - especially in the live music community. Through my education (BA with Honours in Communication) and work with both large-scale artistic organizations and local arts scenes, I am well versed in building strategic plans for the enrichment of artists and audiences
I've had a camera in my hands since I was thirteen and my only formal training came during my Communication Studies and a Portrait Photography course at OCADU Continuing Studies. I started taking pictures of the Toronto live music community in November 2021 and have since been wandering around Drom Taberna, The Cameron House, Jazz Bistro, La Palette, Pamenar, The Emmet Ray,… I am naturally drawn to live music, and capture close shots of musicians while they’re playing. My work is focused on composing with natural lights wherever I go and my pictures have been described as poetic, warm, intense.
My interest for Portrait Photography has grown the last couple of years. I have started doing PUPS (Pop Up Photo Studio) sessions to make headshots more accessible to a wider audience. I want people to feel true, and capture a moment suspended in time in their lives that reflects the simplicity of being. Needless to say, my passion for live music brought me to organize portrait sessions with musicians. I've been refining the art of studio portrait and been commissioned multiple times for private projects in 2023.
Alongside my photography work, I've also taken the lead on Video Production for the Drom Artist Collective. Twice a month, we are filming & editing Reels for Drom Taberna. We have been working on various live music & music video projects, documenting the live music community in the vibrant and multicultural city of Tkaronto. 
Using my diverse skillset of Communications, Marketing, Visual Arts, I aim to promote artists and build communities by connecting them with the public. It's naturally that my path led me to Arts Management, and I'm offering a wide range of services - from promotion, ticketing, social media, to Artist Management
"Camille started taking photos of myself and my bandmates in these spaces and I’ve watched her technical skill develop tremendously with limited resources in the short time I’ve known her. She navigates dimly lit spaces (some of Toronto’s notoriously worst lit rooms) and works hard to understand how she must wield her instrument to form the precise picture in her mind as clearly in her photograph."
Singer/Musician-Songwriter Rebekah Hawker 
Picture by Bryan Li
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