Helping artists & not-for-profits getting organized and strategic since 2015
Thanks to my diploma in Communication, my work as a freelance and most recent experience behind the scenes of the Entertainment world, as well as my curiosity and never-ending passion for the arts, I have curated for myself a good knowledge of the administrative and management needs of the music world. 
Communications, Marketing & Promotion
Do you have an event you'd like to promote? Tickets to sell for a show? Let me help you with planning, strategizing, making sure your event is referenced & give advice on ticketing and discounting strategies.
- Event Promotion
- Ticketing and discounting strategies
- Marketing best practices
- Album Launch Planning

Online Presence
Are you already online? Are you looking at building an online presence? Do you need a fresh pair of eyes on what you're currently doing or wish to promote a new project of yours? I can help you create a social media agenda with assets for a specific project.
- Website review & advice
- Social Media Planning 
- Content Creation (photo & video)
Our first session is on me, and you can book me for a first 30-minutes session to get an idea of how we can work together (Either online or in person - even though I love a good excuse to get an oat latte with a nice fluffy foam & meet in person).
Let me help you with your career, and together let's plan, strategize, communicate & promote. 
Artists Management
I can help you coordinate all of the above, help you with bookings, ensure your career is on track
& help you shine, because that's what I like doing.

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